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Solar Installer Checks Solar Tracker Installation

Our Company

Founded in May 2009 by industry veterans, Russell Pacific is committed to providing a distribution solution for solar installers and integrators navigating the emerging solar market. We have taken on the responsibility of determining the best products and negotiating the lowest prices for a small, manageable product line of industry-leading solar trackers, modules, mounting systems and inverters.

We understand that when our experienced solar installers and integrators bid on RFPs, the products we sell become synonymous with their names. This is why our line of “no apology technology” and pricing set our customers apart on competitive bids.

Deep product knowledge and manufacturer relationships enable us to pass on product confidence and empower our customers to stand behind their projects. When your name is on the line, you can trust Russell Pacific to supply quality product, on-time and on budget, every time.

With distribution warehouses in California, Utah, New Jersey and Louisiana, we distribute throughout the US.
If you believe you’re ready for a supplier who works for you, contact us and we can get the conversation started.

Customer Profile

  • Experienced solar installers/integrators
  • Have received or are bidding for a project
  • Are looking for competitive pricing
  • Need expert product knowledge to set themselves apart in a growing industry

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solar installation partner installs solar panels on roof

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